Stavrovo industrial park has a developed infrastructure, necessary for organizing on the territory high- technology manufacturings.

Power supply

Stable power supply is being provided by on-site two-transformer lowering substation 110/35/6 kV with the capacity of 50000 kVA by 2 high-voltage lines 110kV and 3 high-voltage transmission lines 35kV with microprocessor devices of relay protection and emergency control schemes conforming with the latest world standards. The calculation of the electrical energy consummation is carried out by automatic computer-based system of energy resources control and calculation.

On the territory of the enterprise there is 6kV grid with many distribution points and lowering substations 6/0,4 kV, providing reliable electrical supply for power-consuming users in any location of the enterprise.

In 2012-2013 was implemented the complete reconstruction of the networks and of the lowering electrical substation, which raised the reliability, quality of the electrical supply, created the capability of the additional capacities for guaranteed work of the new productions in the area.

Water supply and sewerage

Water supply is carried out from water intake by two water pipes, 400mm in diameter and by one water pipe 200mm in diameter, made of polyethylene, and is distributed along the whole enterprise, with a circular scheme, which ensures its reliability. On the territory there is sewerage, the flow of which is being pumped through two sewerage pump stations to the neutralization station.  

There is the storm sewage, collection the rain flows from the buildings.

In 2011-2012 was performed the reconstruction of the water pipes, the repair of rain sewage and faecal sewage for the amount of 2,2 million rubles. The further work is being planned to increase the reliability of the systems.

Gas supply

On the territory of the area work the natural gas supply for the technological needs from the on-site gas regulation point, the maximum gas consumption per hour is 236 m3, the gas pressure is 1,1 kg per cm2.

Heat supply

The heat supply system is provided by central furnace power 81 mW, separated as subsidiary corporate entity LLC “Teplo-sbyt”.


On the territory there is a convenient road junction, the asphalt surface roads, two entries for passenger and heavy-load transport: 

  • Central entrance gate
  • side gate

Social area

On the territory of the park there is a canteen, parking house for 15 cars, comfortable hotel for the personnel of the enterprises, working in the area. In 2015 goes into operation one more residential building.


The territory is being guarded by JSC “Stavrovsky zavod ATO”

We offer clear conditions for providing the resources and maintaining the communications for tenants and partners. We are constantly improving and upgrading the infrastructure in the area.