In July 2007 in the main building of JSC “Stavrovsky zavod ATO”, area “B”, the Moscow ecology committee “REI-ECOAudit” carried out the engineering and ecological exploration. CJSC “REI-ECOAudit” is a part of a group of companies REI, the head enterprise of the group of companies REI - CJSC “Radiation and ecological researches” is working since 1993, is a member of Ecologist Guild. The main part of their activity is ecological designing (EIA, environmental protection, sanitary-hygienic zones) for construction. In this area CJSC “REI-ECOAudit” has one of the leading positions in the city of Moscow and Moscow region.

The aim of the work, carried out, was:

1. The examination and evaluation of the radiation situation in the object of construction of JSC “Stavrovsky zavod ATO”.
2. The examination and evaluation of the sanitary-chemical pollution of the soil and ground on the territory.
3. The examination and evaluation of the atmospheric air pollution.
4. The examination and evaluation of the tap water condition.

Based on the results of the carried out examination were formed 86 pages of a report. The main conclusions of the items of the report: 
1. No radiation anomalies revealed during the complete radiometric inspection
2. The main quantity of the ground samples permits its usage with no restrictions.
3. Revealed, as a result of the analysis of air samples, that the concentration of the components being identified in all the points is not more than TLV, stated by hygienic regulations and
4. In water samples, taken from different spots, the amount of toxic and bacteriological indexes conforms with hygienic requirements of sanitary-epidemiological norming 2.14.1074-01.